About Us

TKO Tees has always been a place for everyone! From funny, to creative, to nostalgic and relatable, TKO Tees is always striving to bring apparel and designs for every personality! Established in 2015, TKO Tees has sold shirts all over the country, and all products are decorated right here in the USA! TKO Tees is a family owned business and when you wear a TKO Tee, you are a part of our family! In the past year TKO Tees has also joined with The Kind Owl, our family is always growing! The Kind Owl is a Kindness and empowerment apparel line specifically designed for women, by women. So check our apparel and find something meant for you today!

Chyanne is secretary and business developer at TKO Tees! You can usually bet that Chyanne is planning something exciting for all of us in the TKO Tees family and always striving to bring the latest and greatest in custom apparel! Chyanne is also an artist and can usually be found painting, designing, or crafting in her spare time!

Kyli is the artist for TKO Tees as well as the product developer! Each and every design is chosen and hand picked by Kyli herself! So you pretty much have a personal stylist when wearing a TKO Tee! In her spare time you can usually find Kyli at Disney, watching a Disney movie, or planning her next Disney adventure! Can you guess which design is her favorite? Maybe our best selling ‘I’m Done Adulting, Let’s Go To Disney’ tee! Go check it out!

Investors here at TKO Tees include Rob and Mary! Without their support TKO Tees would not be where it is today or where we will be tomorrow! They are a family oriented couple that like to spend free time with their kids and enjoying life! They are the core that is a family owned business of TKO Tees!