About Us

Our Story

Hi! We’re Mary and Rob Summerall and we started TKO the way so many other small businesses do: hustling at night after working at our day jobs. Mary was a financial advisor while Rob worked for our State Representative, and every night we’d come home from those jobs to work in our small screen printing shop, creating custom designs for local small businesses in our hometown of Lake City, FL. It was hard work but we loved it! 


Thanks to the community support we received, we were able to achieve the dream of becoming a full-time graphic t-shirt design and print shop in 2012 when we left our corporate jobs. We’re proud to say that we’ve seen our shirts on a number of national platforms including Zulily, Groopdealz, and Amazon, and we’ve been able to grow our business to support not only us and our two beautiful girls, but 4 other employees, too.


Despite being one of the most popular brands on Zulily, we knew that we were missing the personal touch of being involved in a community, even if that community was all around the globe! We decided to open up this shop as a way to better connect with you and help bring together our “family” especially now at a time when so many of us are feeling alone.


A Place for Everyone

TKO was created to help empower those who want to express themselves and show off what makes them special. One of the things we love most is creating new designs inspired by you! Whether you are a mom, concert go-er, adventure seeker, or love Jesus but cuss a little too much, we have a shirt for you. 


We want your TKO experience to be one that keeps you coming back, so join our community to be part of the team! You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, or just head over to the Contact Us page and drop a “hello!”